Numerical Palindrome (2020) - 16’08’’
Audiovisual Live recording
Live performance with 8 sine oscillators and visuals

The source of inspiration for this piece arises from the numerical palindrome of 02-02-2020 which becomes the numerical source for the selection of sound frequencies. In this context, several wave oscillators are used as a sound source. Each oscillator has been tuned in a specific sound frequency and the number assigned to each sound frequency has been calculated out of the string of numbers “02022020”. The visuals are synchronously controlled by the sound.

This piece is part of the project 02022020.SPACE curated by Lam Lai ( which is a collective art project in response to the palindrome date 02-02-2020. ‘Artists that work with diverse artforms are invited to create works exploring the hidden meanings of the date in relation to our society, culture and our planet, not limited to the impact of the once-in-a-lifetime event, but also the attraction of highly repetitive and reversible numeric effects, and the global influence of timezones. [...]’ (reed more ︎

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