Sinetology (2020) - 25’41’’
Audiovisual Live recording
Live coding performance with SuperCollider

Live stream performance at “8:08pm La hora del LIVECODER-TOPLAP Barcelona” 06 April 2020.
Watch full video here︎

Live performance at viu.multichannelExpansion(); 28 April 2023.
Watch full video here︎

Sintology project is based on the exploration of the sinewaves as sound materials that operate as different layers of sound. The beating patterns and beat frequencies develop into a musical idea by controlling the level, range and its duration throughout the piece. The visuals are synchronously controlled by the sound.

The project premiere was part of "8:08pm La hora del LIVECODER", a series of live coding performances streamed by the Toplap Barcelona collective and launched during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020.

Sinetology was performed by Maia at viu.multichannelExpansion();  during the 5th edition of /*viu*/ livecoding festival in Barcelona’,  April 2023. 
‘Multichannel expansion is a SuperCollider function that allows any sound signal to be distributed to multiple channels at once. During /*viu*/, Allholy, Iván Paz, Maia Francisco, Alicia Champlin & Niklas Reppel, Pondskater and Noi$ presented their audio-spatialization experimental sets in an 8-channel sound system’.

Toplap Barcelona is an association that brings together scientists and artists who work in production and research at the intersection of technology, science and digital arts’. It is ‘a meeting place for the community of live coders where to research, play live and develop projects around live coding. For TOPLAP, live coding is a form of scenic art and a creativity technique focused on real-time writing of source code and the use of interactive programming, is a new direction in electronic music, is improvising and formalizing in public. The live coders expose and modify in real time the software generating music and / or images, while the manipulation of the code is projected to allow viewing process.’

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